Family Photo Friday
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Friday, July 28, 2017
By Lily Red Studio

I was looking at this photo sitting on my mantle and had the idea to share the story with you. It's one of my favorites of my grandparents (they're the ones in the middle). I remember when I found this photo in a pile of photos that were sitting in a cardboard box in a closet at my grandparent's home.

The story goes that my grandparents were on a cruise and they were not at all bad dancers, so they decided to participate in one of those cheesy dance-off competitions that they have on cruises (or at least used to). This was also the era when ladies wore fancy gowns and men wore tuxes to dinners on their cruise ship vacations, thus my grandma's fancy gown and grandpa's snazzy white tux with bow tie.

The competition required them to dance with their hands behind their backs and a grapefruit between their foreheads... and they won! I don't remember she said they won, but I do remember wishing I could travel back in time to be a fly on the wall and see it happen! So until I build a time machine, I will lovingly admire this photo of two of my favorite people on my mantle.

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