About Suzy

I’m a Wisconsin native, which means I have first-hand experience with hot, humid summers and extremely long winters. But that’s not what I remember most from my childhood spent in WI. I remember building forts by the creek and pretending I was an explorer on the farm where I grew up, summers on the lake in the North woods and sledding on snow days (so many snow days).I also remember my grandmother’s home – filled with love. I’d spend hours looking through the family albums that her mother had so meticulously labeled and put together by hand and I remember the hand painted portrait that my grandmother had hanging on her staircase – showcasing her three children. I thought it was the most beautiful photograph I’d ever seen.

I've always known that I wanted to be an artist, to create something for people that would be as meaningful as that hand painted portrait hanging in my grandma’s house. I am happy to say that that is exactly what I do today. Lily Red Studio was founded in July of 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. After spending five years concentrating on photography for weddings, my little family moved to Denver, Colorado where I now work exclusively with children and families.

I invite you to set up a time to stop by my studio for a portrait consultation. Let me show you how I can help you create your own treasured family heirlooms. Remember, the most meaningful artwork that you will ever own will always be of those you love.

I support marriage equality and am accepting and inclusive of every type of family.